Thursday, 19 May 2011

Harvey Nichols at mcfc

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I went to visit Manchester City FC last Tuesday, we got a hospitality box to watch the Man City v Stoke game and pre meal, the lot! Being in the hospitality area meant we got to wander the halls of the hospitality area, filled with rich people which made me feel like the biggest pauper ever. We came across a Harvey Nichols inspired box for the ladies, which was amazing, you can't buy anything on display though, it is currently set as a trial to see if people would want a Harvey Nichols themed box to watch a game. For men, you have the Heiniken themed room. It was definitely innovative and exciting to begin with, but i'm not sure whether this excitement will stick once you have been in it for longer than 5 minutes. Anyway below are some pictures I took of the evening, what do you think?

Harvey Nichols Room

heiniken room
heiniken room

mini burgers during half time
post match mini cakes
post match mini sandwiches

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