Saturday, 9 April 2011

lilli rose eat your heart out

Lovely sunny Saturday morning, I had an appointment with Benefit cosmetics for a 'make over' something I was not looking forward to, the thought of someone smothering their hands all over my face made me feel a little sick. So I went anyway - make over was horrible, I look ridiculous when I wear eye shadow, and anything on my lips. Never lied so much in my life. 'oh that looks good'.
I was convinced to buy the BADgal Lash mascara which I have been wanting for months!

£16.50 Benefit

Last night I went out with my friend Nicola and she was wearing the prettiest nail polish ever, the colour was called Basil Street, by nails inc. Individually they are £11 each. I took off my nail polish before heading into town especially so I could test all the colours, forward thinking.
I ended up purchasing a set of 4 for £25, eeep. One of which is going straight onto ebay!

L-R Victoria, Shoreditch, South Molton Street, Tate.

The colour I was originally after was Basil Street - sold out;

You can find nails inc. in department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams.

In other news my ASOS shoes finally arrived! They definitely look better on than off and if one new pair of shoes isn't enough, I bought a 'similar' pair (as my mum put it) from H&M, my first pair of shoes from H&M, and they are pretty amazing! and for just £15! 

L-R ASOS, H&M loafers.

Now I am all shopped out - I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in beer gardens and placing a cheeky bet on the Grand National, where one of my chosen horses came in 3rd, no idea where my other horse came. With the winnings of £3.50, they are going to go towards my next pair of shoes!!


Tomorrow I am off to the Vintage Fair - if you are in Nottingham tomorrow afternoon, check out the facebook event here!

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