Monday, 14 March 2011


So I have just come back from a few days in Tunisia, as much as I hate England 90% of the time, it made me appreciate our country so much. Something as simple as shopping, I could not do there without being hassled mainly by men, thinking giving compliment to girls would help their sales. It really put me off shopping all together, Thank God for an amazing 4 star hotel. 
Me and my sister did manage a tiny bit of shopping on the final day, whilst visiting the capital, Tunis, my poor attempt of haggling was a bit lame, we did manage to bag a few lovely hamsa (hand of fatima) pendents, I am still sad over the one I purchased in Italy which I lost a few months ago, So I thought I would stock up. we bought five between us. As well as them I got a lovely Amber stone ring, the stone is pretty big, I love it. Then on the flight home, I got two Murano glass Pandora charms for £42, usually £35 each. Massive bargain. Overall a good holiday, I managed to spend my 200quid in less than 5 days. Always good.

The lovely hotel we stayed in; Iberostar Averroes

[images coming soon]

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