Sunday, 6 March 2011


You may or may not already know my love for one off items, such as second hand items, today I bagged the biggest bargain. Last year I bought an amazing pair of lila skinnys from Topshop, for £35 they even had zips at the ankles, they were perfect, they were the best fitting jeans I ever had, until they started ripping in all the wrong places. Today I went charity shop shopping with my Cousin, who has never stepped foot in a charity shop before, I saw a pair of jeans sticking out of the rails and thought woah a pair of skinnies, - I looked inside and saw that they were an identical pair to my previous pair exact same size and everything. I looked at the price tag and they were £4.49!!!!! I tried them on and they were pretty much perfect. I am so happy, Topshop don't stock these anymore, and I find it so hard to buy jeans as it is, because I am so bloody short. The past two weeks have been pretty good for charity shop shopping. :) happy XX

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