Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Quick Update

Currently feel rather optimistic, I always do though after I apply for a decent job. After a rather stressful Sunday night, spending it chatting to my fellow fashionista Carmela, it made me come to terms (slightly) that I will not be bagging my ultimate dream job any time soon. So my motto for right now is 'something really needs to change in 2011' It simply can't continue how it is, so we have decided to get together and start a business, more exciting as it sounds seeing as we have zero money and we don't live remotely near each other. We also still need a name for said business.
To kick start this business we are going to dust off our rather dusty creative hats and put them on and start designing a line of tote shoppers. Starting with Ebay, and see how that progresses, if that doesn't go to plan then at least I get to do something creative for the time being, something I have been missing A LOT the past year, so keep your eyes posted for cutesy, one off totes designed by moi :) x


  1. I am in exactly the same boat as you. I've given up on the possibility of getting my dream job.
    This sounds so exciting! And definitely sounds like fun. Good luck for this! I can't wait to see the progress and the totes.

  2. Thanks! I will keep you updated! I am quite excited about it all :)