Monday, 21 February 2011

More than a trend?

Ok, firstly, this post is strictly fashion, so apologies if it offends anyone.
I am writing about accessories, and how religion can inspire fashion. We had Givenchy a/w '08 collection with a gothic heavy collection, they had their statement necklace, a ton of silver chains covered with crosses in all sizes.
The Cruxifix has always been known as part of the dark gothic trend, and most recently the rosary beads being worn as necklaces.

Givenchy A/W 2008
DB in rosary beads.
Whilst scanning the web, I did find this interesting article in The Telegraph. Click to read.
I completely understand if people who are part of a religion to be offended, and that we are wearing these necklaces for the wrong reasons.. I'd like to know your thoughts, being someone who is not religious in anyway but would wear these pieces because they 'look good with my outfit' is that wrong? or is it OK?
Here are some of my own pendants, I have bought and have been given..
[apologies for the bad photo's] 
L-R The Virgin Mary, Gold Cross, St Davids Star, Crucifix

Front and Back of this Silver pendant, I wear it both ways.
St Davids Star 
Simple gold cross pendant 
The Virgin Mary Pendant
 back of The Virgin Mary can hold Holy water.
I would love to hear what you all think on this. X

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  1. Definitely an interesting topic. I'm not a religious person at all (and am not Christian), but I've never worn them. I try to stick away from any kind of religious accessories; not for any moral/religious reason, but just because (I realise that makes no sense).

    But I would never judge if anyone wore it for fashion.