Monday, 21 February 2011

happy birthday me

Turning 23 for me was rather big one, even though I am surrounded by people who are older who keep telling me that I'm still young, I appreciate their efforts but I can't help feel the way I do; graduated from university well over a year ago, people asking me constantly what I'm doing right now / with my life. If these people stopped I think I'd be alright. I have had a marvelous birthday weekend which turned out to being four days of seeing my friends and family. After tonight though I am even more determined to get what I want, if I am in the same position this time next year something is seriously wrong with me. I will have a fashion related job by then. I will.

On a lighter note - I am super skint and felt a bit down today therefore went and spent even more of my overdraft, good times.

Benefit Foundation, Boots, £21.96

Double Ring - Dorothy Perkins, £7.50
Vivienne Westwood for RND, TK Maxx kids tee £6.99

Vivienne Westwood for RND, TK Maxx, £9.99

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad you enjoyed your celebrations. I absolutely love the Love Ring.

    Looks like we're in the same boat: I graduated over a year ago and getting nowhere.