Sunday, 9 January 2011

Polaroid has gone completely Gaga.

Ok, so, I am and always have been a massive fan of the Polaroid camera and the amazing photographs it takes. I finally got one for my 18th birthday, and I must have spent hundreds on Polaroid film, each sheet costing a pound a photo, because of it's rarity I felt it was completely worth every penny.

A couple of years later I heard about the ceasing of the Polaroid film, and was pretty gutted I must admit, there were so many campaigns around trying to save it, I had a bit of hope.

Then with the announcement of Lady Gaga as the new Polaroid Creative Director my hope lifted a bit more. I wasn't really expecting anything to form this quickly, but I also didn't think that she would design something fashion related, silly of me I know, but I didn't think it could be possible.
Announced today on Gaga, has come up with a pair of 'fashionable' sunglasses which can also take pictures. Thoughts? I think they are a bit out there, but we will see once they are released.
Photo Credit: Polaroid
On how to use the new invention see the video below, enjoy x 

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