Monday, 12 April 2010


I visited Selfriges in The Bull Ring today, we went straight up to the 4th floor where it holds all the top designers, Christian Dior, Chloé, Prada, Marc Jacobs, just to name a few! As my sister was browsing Gucci I left and wandered to the handbag stands, I spotted a beautiful nude coloured Miu Miu 'satchel-esque' bag, which also came in black, it was lamb skin, it was so soft!! Fell in love with it straight away, I asked the assistant how much it was, and it broke my heart a little. £950. I really don't have that kind of money, so I tried it on anyway, and thought to my self. No I don't want this. It doesn't suit me. I put it down and the sales assistant asked me if id seen the Alexa. Mulberry? Yes ofcourse! I love it, she told me she has it in black, but id only seen them in Debenhams.. in the brighter colours, mustard, purple, not black! She said that the black had a reptile skin added as detail therefore Debenhams don't stock it! (Interesting fact!) She then ushered me along to the Balanciaga counter, (did she really think I could afford any of these lovely bags??) She showed me the bags with the rose gold detail, I personally prefer the ones with the tassles. I then wandered off to another stand. Where it stood one lonely Balenciaga handbag. She asked me how much it was (originals were £650) so I joked '£1000?' She said £3000. I couldn't believe it, personally I think its too small for my liking, however its a very pretty bag! It was a weaved Balenciaga, using all the Balanciaga colours, the red, navy, duck egg, teal, cream, white.. all of them. It was such a clever design. Based on that I love it. Click here to have a peak. Its a beaut!! XXXXX

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