Thursday, 11 February 2010

1969 - 2010

1969 -2010

Today the fashion world has been rocked, and not in a good way. I woke up in such a good mood this morning, the sun was shining, i had a good day planned. But by 4pm my day was ruined, i didn’t know whether to run/cry/scream.
When i got home just after 5pm, i went straight to sky news, there was live footage of the outside of Alexander McQueens flat in Mayfair, there were policemen standing on the steps leading to where he lived… there was a private ambulance waiting outside with its hazzard lights flashing.
All i could hear was the news presenter going over and over the same thing, he committed suicide this morning around 10am…and that they only let in family and coroners into the building.. next i saw something no one likes to see, McQueens body being carried out on a stretcher covered in a red sheet.
I went straight onto facebook, which i know would be covered in status’, every single status said pretty much the same things, everyone was in shock, couldn’t believe it. I knew carmela was at work so i didn’t bother calling, i left her a simple text saying ‘i can’t believe it, McQueen is dead.’ she called back asking if i was joking..
This is so sad, and it saddens me that it has affected so many people, even us who has never met him, clearly shows how much impact has has made on our lives, and the fashion industry…
It goes to show and i’ll say it again, no matter how successful you are, or how rich you’ve become, there will be always something you keep to yourself - McQueen proves that being one of the best British Fashion Designers isn’t all that. He was severely affected by the death of his mother who died less than two weeks ago.
and to quote Kelly Cutrone:
“Let’s not kill ourselves as a solution to pain & suffering - ok?”
Definitely a black day in the fashion world today.. lets hope theres a tribute to him during London Fashion Week, i’m glad to be in London when this begins.

RIP xo

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