Monday, 11 January 2010

Marina Diamandis

Otherwise known as Marina and the Diamonds, she's always said that her 'diamonds' were her fans, but i personally think that she is a rather sparkly diamond herself with her eclectic sense of style, she seems very experimental when it comes to fashion and what she wears. I remember seeing her perform at Leeds Festival 2009 wearing just a pair of navy skinny jeans a T-Shirt saying 'I heart marina and the diamonds' and an amazing black sequin blazer with yellow and orange sequin detail on the back. Then for her first music video (first music video's do seem a bit low key - so we'll let her off) she was wearing all black, nothing that exciting if i'm honest.
But since then during photo shoots we see her wearing a figure hugging bright green leopard print sequin dress with a bright blue cropped leather biker jacket with fringing down the arm..see the dazzling images below.

Check out marina and the diamonds music for free right here;
Hopefully see her in the 'best dressed' columns of the glossy mags in 2010. :) xx

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  1. you dont get how much i love her.
    Check her out on my blog. She is my girl crush atm

    Mucho love