Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Vintage warehouses, thift shops...

Yes, it is always good to bag a bargain from a decent vintage/retro shop or warehouse, and not forgetting charity shops! However, i feel the message between the two has been somewhat misunderstood..

Firstly, in my opinion, buying from a charity shop is yes, second hand, yes maybe no one else will have that item (its probably some old ladies hand me downs) and yes, you may look individual, but i hate it when people buy things from a charity shop and make out it's vintage, - no, and 'vintage warehouses' are just full of junk there's never any new stock, and they make their prices up when you take items to the till.
It's not a one of a kind Valentino dress with a value of thousands of pounds, and it is not an antique brooch dating back to the 1800's. Call it a retro shop yes, but the word vintage is so's lost it's actual meaning.

This rant, doesn't mean i don't shop in the above places i do, and quite often, as i'm starting to hate - my once oh favourite high street retailer, Top Shop, because of its rip off designs and prices, but at the end of the day a second hand patch bag is not vintage. So stop trying to sound cool.

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